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how i arrived  here

I've always enjoyed learning new things and I can't think of another job that puts me in touch with so much different information. To write and be able to actually talk to each audience, I need to understand the subject.  


One day I learn about wines, the next about information systems. I've learned a lot about medical treatments, investments and also about clean technology for cars. What will I learn now?



Content Marketing     Advertising Copywri ting      Design Thinking   branding 
Social media
    Incentive Campaign   storytelling   Creativity


08/2022 - 03/2023

Redatora Sênior na CertiSign

Desenvolvimento de fluxos de comunicação, usabilidade e textos para remodelar o site e canais de vendas da empresa. Definição de novo tom de voz para comunicação em redes sociais, com aumento do engajamento em 150%. Criação de réguas de CRM e atualização de conteúdo em blog proprietário.


Senior Copywriter at iD/TBWA

Creation and deployment of campaigns for Claro. Development of concepts for competition between Febraban and Pernambuco. Social networks and performance for ClickBooks.

07 - 08/2021

Freelance Writer at McCann Health

Preparation of VAs and medical dissemination material. Social networks and other communication points with the final audience. Nestlé HealthScience, Bayer, Janssen and Boehringer.




Postgraduate in Marketing Management



Bachelor in Advertising and Propaganda

Specializations and Certificates -  UX Writer and Digital Content
ESPM -  Persona creation
The University of Queensland -  Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation
Product School -  Product Masterclass: How to Build Digital Products
HubSpot Academy -  Content Marketing Certified
Film School -  Road map
Rock Content -  Content Marketing

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